Pastor's Letter

March 20, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ:

On July 1, 2006, I was appointed pastor of St. Francis de Sales Parish and have since been blessed to be part of a family united in Catholic faith, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and committed to one another in love and service. For almost eleven years now, I have witnessed firsthand the great works of the good people of our parish. Through the hard work of so many people, our approximately 60 ministries serve the needs of our parishioners and people throughout northwest suburban Lake County. We are truly blessed!

Back in 2006, St. Francis de Sales' financial picture included $3.8 million of debt. Through the extraordinary generosity of our parishioners and sound financial management, we were able to pay off that debt in November of 2015. The generosity of our parishioners in the Annual Catholic Appeal enabled us to use the yearly rebates to eliminate the parish debt.

St. Francis de Sales is our spiritual home and, like many of your own homes, is in need of several repairs. Many parishes have raised funds for this purpose by participating in the Archdiocese's "To Teach Who Christ Is" capital campaign. For a myriad of reasons, I have an alternative approach to participating in the Archdiocese capital campaign and have been discussing our concept with the Archdiocese and a team from the parish since July of 2016. We are now ready to move forward and through the generous donation of a parishioner, we have been able to fulfill our parish's commitment to "To Teach Who Christ Is."

Over the next two years, there are eight specific construction projects that need to be completed in our parish. They include repairs to the Ministry Center and parish school roofs and parking lots, replacement of the Ministry Center siding and HVAC systems, demolition of the old church, and replacement of the church's flooring. In total, these renovations will cost $1.7 million. To raise these funds, we are embarking on our own capital campaign called the "Fix It Campaign." For more details on the "Fix It Campaign" and the planned repairs, please explore our parish website, including the campaign video, or consult the bulletin or e-newsletter.

We are truly blessed at St. Francis de Sales and I am asking all of us as a family united in our Catholic faith, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and committed to one another to take part in the "Fix It Campaign." To participate, please complete the pledge card that you received in the mail, print one from our website, or pick one up at the Church or Ministry Center and return it in the envelope provided. You may also make your pledge online by clicking here. Remember, every donation counts and 100% of all funds raised will stay in the parish specifically for the renovations.

With your prayers and financial help, together we can make our spiritual home safe and beautiful. Please accept my personal thanks for all you do to make St. Francis de Sales the great parish it is.

All for One and One for All in Jesus Christ.

God Give You Peace,

Fr. David Ryan