Middle School

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The St. Francis de Sales Middle School Religious Education Program, Edge, is open to all youth in grades 6-8. Classes meet twice monthly.

Edge is a part of the “Life Teen” program. Our ultimate goal is to help lead our teens closer to Christ. This is done by creating a Christ Centered Community for the teens. Faith Communities are extremely important during the middle school years. Middle school is awkward, hard and fun all at the same time. It can be difficult to navigate and teens are experiencing such tremendous amounts of change. During all this change, teens will ask questions about everything, especially their faith and religion.

That is where Edge comes in.

Edge is MADE for Middle School Students! The nights consist of Large Group Time, Games/Activities, Small Groups, and Prayer experiences. We will follow the general sequence of Gather, Proclaim, Break & Send to emulate how our Mass is laid out.

Small Groups are the biggest part of the Edge Nights. This is where teens will break open the topics each session, ask questions, and be vulnerable. It is so important to have adults who will foster that community feeling and create a judge-free zone for the teens to share within. Please consider helping to facilitate a small group! These small groups will allow the teens to build their identity in Christ. Each year we have a theme that is followed throughout the year. All of the Edge nights are rooted in the Catechism with support from Scripture.

For more information, please call Mimi McGlauchlin at (847) 726-4850 or via e-mail at mmcglauchlin@stfrancislz.org, or Laurie Haas, Religious Education Administrative Assistant, at (847) 726-4840 or lhaas@stfrancislz.org.