The SPRED program at St. Francis de Sales offers the opportunity to grow in faith for children and teens with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a small faith community.   Together we develop an awareness of GOD in the midst of ordinary moments of our everyday life and bring forth an awareness of ourselves as persons of dignity who are loved by GOD.

SPRED Observations

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(8 registrant maximum per session.) Register via email: k.j.corrigan@comcast.net

What is SPRED

Those wishing to serve as Catechists in the SPRED Ministry do not need any educational or special needs experience. Many of our Catechists have never worked with children with special needs. They have quickly discovered the joy and love that our friends give us during each session we share together. It is clear to see that Christ is present in the hearts of everyone in the SPRED room. SPRED is not just a ministry of serving others, but a ministry that fulfills our spiritual needs of growing closer to Christ.

In keeping with the requirements of the Archdiocese of Chicago, all catechists are required to have a background check and complete Virtus Training for Protecting God's Children. 

For more information please contact Kelly Corrigan via e-mail at k.j.corrigan@comcast.net.