SPRED Reflection Weekend: January 5-7, 2018
St. Benedict Abbey, 12605 224th Ave., Benet Lake, WI 53102

All SPRED Catechists are invited to the 2018 SPRED Reflection Weekend, to come lay your burdens down for a while and rest in the tranquil environment of St. Benedict Abbey. Each of us will take time to explore a personal life experience and weave our reflection into SPRED's symbolic style as we develop a deeper understanding of the mystery alive in our Celebration Rooms every week. For more information, view the SPRED Reflection Weekend brochure or register online.

Helper Catechist Training 2018 - Click here to register!

Join us for our Helper Catechist Training session. We will gather at the St. Francis de Sales Ministry Center on Saturday, February 3, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (Lunch included.) Please note, the fee for training is $15 to cover the cost of materials and refreshments. Online registration coming soon!

SPRED Observations 2017-18

Join us for one of our SPRED Observation sessions. When attending, you will have the opportunity to observe Catechists working with our friends enrolled in the St. Francis de Sales SPRED Program for those ages 6-10 (Wednesday evenings) or those ages 11-16 (Monday evenings). Click here to register today! (8 registrant maximum per session.)

New! 2017-18 SPRED Calendar for the 6- to 10-year-old age group

New! 2017-18 SPRED Calendar for the 11- to 16-year-old age group

SPRED, a program established for people with special needs, provides religious development and education through spiritual movement, music and Liturgical words. The program does not include the use of books, pencils or paper. Instead, SPRED uses objects, messages and song to spread the Word of God.

A typical experience at a SPRED gathering features an activity room filled with friends and Catechists quietly working with paint, clay, sand and water. The lights are dimmed and classical music is played as SPRED participants prepare to enter the holy room. In the holy room, participants discuss an object or picture as it relates to our daily lives and to Scripture. A brief passage from the Bible is read and a message reflecting the Scripture is given to each person in the room. For example, a message might be:

"Jesus says to you today. May you always be happy in My Love."

Participants then listen to a song using hand gestures to sing God's praises. After spending some time in the holy room, a small meal is shared reflecting the sharing of the Eucharist in Mass.

Those wishing to serve as Catechists in the SPRED Ministry do not need any educational or special needs experience. Many of our Catechists have never worked with children with special needs. They have quickly discovered the joy and love that our friends give us during each session we share together. It is clear to see that Christ is present in the hearts of everyone in the SPRED room. SPRED is not just a ministry of serving others, but a ministry that fulfills our spiritual needs of growing closer to Christ.

For more information on SPRED, please visit www.spred.org or contact Kelly Corrigan at (847) 726-4742 or via e-mail at k.j.corrigan@comcast.net.