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2017-18 Retreat Selection Form coming soon. In order to be Confirmed, this is a required component of the Life Teen Confirmation Program. All 2nd year Confirmation teens must attend of the retreats.
The Confirmation Program at St. Francis de Sales Parish is a two-year formation process that begins during the teen’s freshman year in high school. The Sacrament of Confirmation is an opportunity for teens to seal the relationship of love between themselves and God. The two main components of the Life Teen Confirmation Program at St. Francis de Sales are the monthly Liturgy and the small group discussion sessions.

Throughout the course of the year, each teen will be required to complete the following:

  • Confirmation Kick-off
  • Monthly Life Teen Mass and Discussion Session
  • Two Small Group Service Experiences
  • One Retreat Experience (2nd year students only, optional for 1st year students)
  • Sacrament of Confession

Monthly Liturgy
Teens learn about the Mass by being full, active and conscious members of the community. Teens not only engage in the Liturgy, but also serve as leaders of hospitality, altar servers, lectors, ushers, musicians, vocalists and, when allowed, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist. At the Life Teen Mass, teens, their families and other parishioners experience the depth of God’s love through the Word, the community and the Eucharist. Quality music and preaching that are geared towards the teens help the Mass come alive. Although this Mass is geared towards teens, we encourage families and all parishioners to join us in worship. The monthly Liturgy is held on a specified Sunday evening at the 5 p.m. Life Teen Mass.
Small Group Discussion Sessions
Through their small group discussion sessions after the Life Teen Mass, teens are given the opportunity to be active participants within their individual small groups. Small group discussion focuses on the theme of the day and includes interactive games, learning activities and teaching materials. It is our goal for teens to experience the following in their small groups:

  • A deepening in their relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • Growth in their understanding of self.
  • Respect for another by listening.
  • Exploration in relationship with others.
  • An opportunity to make their Catholic faith real.
  • An ability to openly share and experience what it means to be a Catholic teen today.

Choosing a Confirmation Name

As a candidate for the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation, you must pick a saint's name to be placed after your present middle name and before your last name. The saint's name you choose symbolizes a new beginning in your faith life as well as a connection with that particular saint. For more information about choosing a name, please download our Choosing a Confirmation Name Resource Page. For a list of websites that may help you decide on a name, please visit our Youth Ministry Resources page.
Download our Teen Rosary and Reflections CD! Praying the Rosary is a powerful and inspirational Catholic tradition. The CD includes prayerful reflections written and inspired by teens in the St. Francis de Sales Confirmation program. To download the CD, click here.