SFS May Crowning Speech by Katie McCormick | 8th Grade Graduate 2019 daughter to Andrew & Michelle | May 13, 2019

I’ve always considered my relationship with Mary to be somewhat of a good one. When I was younger, I used to pray to Mary every night before bed. I talked to her as though she were one of my friends at school. But there was a time when I stopped for a while because life had thrown many things at me and I said I was ”too busy”.  A few months ago, I started praying the rosary more often and continued my nightly talks with Mary, and I have found that my relationship with Mary today is stronger than ever. 

Whenever someone says Mary’s name, everyone thinks of the word ”mother.”  When I hear “Mary,”  I think of the word “mother,” but I also think of the words “leader,” “teacher,”  and “role model.”  She’s the perfect example of love, bravery, humility, and strength. When she said “yes”  to having Jesus, she became a model of bravery. This child she was going to have would completely change her life, and yet she still said “yes.”  She was strong enough to accept God’s plan even though she would have to deal with many hardships, like coming across doubtful people and even watching her Son die. Bravery comes in many forms. Mary has taught me that, although it might be hard sometimes, saying “ yes” to God is a courageous thing. Her saying “yes” is also an example of her humility. She didn’t go running around bragging about how she had been chosen to give birth to Jesus. She humbly accepted God and His plan, and did what she had to. When she was told there was no room at the inn, she didn’t complain about having to give birth in the stable. Once again, she accepted the situation and did what had to be done. Now, I try to be like Mary and accept what life throws at me. 

Mary has taught me that love is the most important thing in my life. The love and compassion she gave to Jesus was absolutely perfect. Although she was young, she knew what it meant to be a mother and how to love her Son. Her love is something that I depend on every day, whether I’m going through something rough in my life or I need some help to show the same love she has to others. 

Mary has taught me that I should accept what God has in store for me. Trust in Him as a way to show how much I love Him. Sometimes I question and His plan. I’ve asked Him “why me?”  many, many times in the past. Mary has taught me while the future is unclear, I should remember that God will take care of me. Leaving St. Francis and my friends when school is over will be another hardship I will have to face. But having Mary in my life has left me knowing that everything is going to be okay. But if I get scared, she’ll be there to talk to me. Mary is a mother, a leader, a teacher, and someone I aspire to be like everyday.