SFS Class of 2019

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“We are incredibly proud of our 8th grade graduating class of 2019! Graduation Mass & Diplomas were offered on June 1, 2019 in the Church at 10:00 am. The dedication of these families to an education in faith and of academic excellence shows in this graduating class. This group of graduates exemplifies our school norms of service and community. As alumni, we are confident they will have, create, and take advantage of wonderful opportunities to learn, grow, and serve building on the excellent foundation of faith and academics they have received at our parish school. We count them among our blessings!” a note from Principal Kyle Schmidt

Francisca Alivia

Tyler Armstrong

Will Bartels

Duncan Billings

Abby Blanchette

Shaylea Bodo

Erica Brenner

Lainey Cordova

Alex Del Bosque

Nathan Di Legge

James Di Tommaso

Natasha Fernandez

Dylan Franada

Adam Galdoni

Mia Gillis

Matthew Gonzalez

Dante Goranson

Olivia Harold

Lance Heine

Mary Huels

Beth Kamman

Spencer Kinsey

Stephan Kruglov

Andrew Lawitz

Madison Machala

Katie McCormick

Matthew Mosquera

William Niese

Kate Pieters

Georgia Pissios

Brad Schaefer

Dillon Schmidt

Grace Staehle

Ben Swiat

Malec Tarabein

Olivia Thomas

Mary Titterton

Colin Ulbrich

Olivia Virgilio

Colin Whelan

Sarah Whelan