Notes from the Music Ministry

from Pat Stweart, Director of Music Ministry

With the glorious sound of “O Spirit, All-embracing” still resounding, the Choir, Handbells, Brass Quartet, and Timpani celebrated the great feast of Pentecost. It has been a very busy spring season for the choir, as Easter Sunday was late in April. I want to thank all the musicians who made our palm sunday, Holy Week, and Easter liturgies so powerful. Our parish was blessed with so many opportunities to pray in song. The choir and handbells sang/played 2 masses on Palm Sunday and Easter. the choir also sang Holy Thursday (accompanied by violin/cello) and Good Friday; choir and bells did Holy Saturday. our Easter Sunday liturgies looked like this: 

8:00am Youth Choir [Pat, Olga, Benjamin]

9:30am Choir/Handbells/Brass/Timpani 

11:00am Choir/Handbells/Brass/Timpani 

11:15am Teen Band [Josh Goodman]

12:30pm Olga, Emma Belew, piano students, & flute (pics below)

A great big thank you to all! and a job well done! Thank you, Olga and Benjamin, for your music skills that you share with us. 

Our parish choir and handbells are taking a break for the summer. We invite you to think about joining us in the fall. We are always looking for new members; don’t be surprised if someone taps you on the shoulder this summer and asks you to consider singing and/or playing with us!

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