Alpha One

Recently a group of six Protestant and five Catholic Churches from throughout the Chicagoland area joined together for an Alpha One event at Parkview Community Church in Glen Ellyn. All the churches who met have been running Alpha in their communities.  Alpha is a series of sessions open to anyone interested in exploring the big questions in life in the basics of the Christian faith.

Nine people from the new pilot Alpha program at st. Francis de Sales joint the special opportunity to unite together as Christians and worship and prayer for our communities,  Churches City and Nation.

Jesus prayed for this kind of unity in John 17:21: “ I pray so that they may all be one, as you Father, are to me and I in you, that the world may believe.”  everyone present felt the Holy Spirit at work in their hearts. As we come together in unity and openness, the Holy Spirit can work through us to help others to Jesus.

Here’s what Gabriel Lerma, director of Alpha in Chicagoland, had to say about the evening: “As I reflect on what God did this Friday through Alpha One, I’m truly humbled and grateful to have spent the evening with you. We worship together, pray together, and experienced the power of the Holy Spirit ...together.  both Protestants and Catholics celebrate Church unity and the transformative work God is doing through Alpha. What an amazing night!”

Watch out for our parish Mission September 16-19th  and our new Alpha session starting this fall, October 1st.

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Reflections from George Stewart, President of the St Vincent de Paul Conference

speech given at Masses on June 1st & 2nd

The Society of St Vincent DePaul was founded in France in 1833 under the direction of blessed Frederic Ozanam. Born in 1813 he became a French literary scholar, journalist, lawyer and equal rights advocate. While a university student his faith was challenged by those who asked him what the Catholic Church was doing for the poor. In response he joined with a group of friends to form the Conference of Charity. The group was soon influenced by Blessed Sister Rosalie Rendu and the Daughters of Charity. She urged them to take the St Vincent DePaul as their patron saint and follow his teachings. The Daughters of Charity had spent many years caring for the needy in the slums of Paris. The conference adopted their methods of work and founded the Society of St Vincent DePaul. From then on they would be known as Vincentians.  With over 800,000 members in 135 countries the society has helped millions of people in seeking charity and justice. 

“God always gives a great blessing to humble beginnings than those that start with the chiming of bells.” From the writings of Saint Vincent de Paul

47 years ago a group of church members came together in a common effort to grow spiritually and fellowship by offering person-to-person service to help those in need.  They joined the Chicago area St Vincent de Paul Society and with their help created the St Francis de Sales Conference. They started a pantry in the garage next to the original church. They did home visits all over Ela Township while keeping client files in the trunk of a car.  From those early days all the way to today, the group has had the support of the good people of this parish. We value your support and work to keep your trust. Some years ago the pantry was moved to the Ministry Center and office space was provided. 

St. Francis de Sales we have over 440 families in our database and serve their pantry needs 50 weeks a year.  We Vincentians gather on Thursday evenings to serve an average of over a 110 families every pantry night.  

57% of the food that we provide is donated from local community sources such as the Jewels from Lake Zurich, Barrington and Buffalo Grove, Target in Lake Zurich, Peapod, Mariano’s and individual families. Food drives are held for us at Peace Lutheran Church, local schools, Menards and at the Old Post Office. During the summer we also receive donations from the Smart Farm in Barrington and from the Jubilee Garden. The Northern Illinois Food Bank is a source for discounted food purchases that we use monetary donations for. 

Every week the society harvesters collect food donations and another group arranges and organizes the pantry for distribution. Kathleen Murray and Stan Gudas set up the pantry efforts.  We want to thank Pam Lynchand Cathy Chiarelli for allowing confirmation candidates to give service hours to the pantry. Lake Zurich High School Service Group has also provided many student hours of service. We thank them and all the many other volunteers that give their time and efforts. Last year over 9,000 hours of service was given. Sioban O’Leary handles the placement of workers each pantry evening.

We support Emmaus house here at Saint Francis de Sales Church by providing the meals and the fifth Sunday of the month.

In the last year, 30 families of Ela Township received over $20,000 (not $200,000) in financial assistance for rent, utilities and emergency housing expenses. The case workers, under the direction of Diane Brumley, meet with clients to assess their needs and work with other local agencies to find the best way to help them. Many times we coordinate our efforts with the Ela Township Social Services. At times we combine resources with other conferences to give help for special needs and disaster relief. 

We report in are accountable to Lake County District 1, the Chicago area and the National Society of St Vincent de Paul, located in St Louis, for an annual service and financial statement. We also share information with Father Ryan. Alice Hnilo and Jim Westney are responsible keeping Financial records and collecting data. No member in our conference receives a salary or financial benefit from our efforts.  we have a board of directors that needs 10 times a year to review and approve Financial reports and Conference programs.

We are always welcoming to those who want to give assistance. If you would like to gain experience and helping directly with residences or just want to give a hand a couple of days a month, stop by and speak with us after Mass. You would enjoy talking with you. I can discuss specific types of volunteer positions available. Check out our website and read today’s bulletin for specific financial service information. Think about getting involved. We can use your help!

“There is no Act of Charity that is not  accompanied by Justice or that permits us to do more than we reasonably can do.”  From the writings of St Vincent de Paul

Since you and God bless the good people St Francis de Sales.

George A Stewart, President

Notes from the Music Ministry

from Pat Stweart, Director of Music Ministry

With the glorious sound of “O Spirit, All-embracing” still resounding, the Choir, Handbells, Brass Quartet, and Timpani celebrated the great feast of Pentecost. It has been a very busy spring season for the choir, as Easter Sunday was late in April. I want to thank all the musicians who made our palm sunday, Holy Week, and Easter liturgies so powerful. Our parish was blessed with so many opportunities to pray in song. The choir and handbells sang/played 2 masses on Palm Sunday and Easter. the choir also sang Holy Thursday (accompanied by violin/cello) and Good Friday; choir and bells did Holy Saturday. our Easter Sunday liturgies looked like this: 

8:00am Youth Choir [Pat, Olga, Benjamin]

9:30am Choir/Handbells/Brass/Timpani 

11:00am Choir/Handbells/Brass/Timpani 

11:15am Teen Band [Josh Goodman]

12:30pm Olga, Emma Belew, piano students, & flute (pics below)

A great big thank you to all! and a job well done! Thank you, Olga and Benjamin, for your music skills that you share with us. 

Our parish choir and handbells are taking a break for the summer. We invite you to think about joining us in the fall. We are always looking for new members; don’t be surprised if someone taps you on the shoulder this summer and asks you to consider singing and/or playing with us!

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SFS May Crowning Speech by Katie McCormick | 8th Grade Graduate 2019 daughter to Andrew & Michelle | May 13, 2019

I’ve always considered my relationship with Mary to be somewhat of a good one. When I was younger, I used to pray to Mary every night before bed. I talked to her as though she were one of my friends at school. But there was a time when I stopped for a while because life had thrown many things at me and I said I was ”too busy”.  A few months ago, I started praying the rosary more often and continued my nightly talks with Mary, and I have found that my relationship with Mary today is stronger than ever. 

Whenever someone says Mary’s name, everyone thinks of the word ”mother.”  When I hear “Mary,”  I think of the word “mother,” but I also think of the words “leader,” “teacher,”  and “role model.”  She’s the perfect example of love, bravery, humility, and strength. When she said “yes”  to having Jesus, she became a model of bravery. This child she was going to have would completely change her life, and yet she still said “yes.”  She was strong enough to accept God’s plan even though she would have to deal with many hardships, like coming across doubtful people and even watching her Son die. Bravery comes in many forms. Mary has taught me that, although it might be hard sometimes, saying “ yes” to God is a courageous thing. Her saying “yes” is also an example of her humility. She didn’t go running around bragging about how she had been chosen to give birth to Jesus. She humbly accepted God and His plan, and did what she had to. When she was told there was no room at the inn, she didn’t complain about having to give birth in the stable. Once again, she accepted the situation and did what had to be done. Now, I try to be like Mary and accept what life throws at me. 

Mary has taught me that love is the most important thing in my life. The love and compassion she gave to Jesus was absolutely perfect. Although she was young, she knew what it meant to be a mother and how to love her Son. Her love is something that I depend on every day, whether I’m going through something rough in my life or I need some help to show the same love she has to others. 

Mary has taught me that I should accept what God has in store for me. Trust in Him as a way to show how much I love Him. Sometimes I question and His plan. I’ve asked Him “why me?”  many, many times in the past. Mary has taught me while the future is unclear, I should remember that God will take care of me. Leaving St. Francis and my friends when school is over will be another hardship I will have to face. But having Mary in my life has left me knowing that everything is going to be okay. But if I get scared, she’ll be there to talk to me. Mary is a mother, a leader, a teacher, and someone I aspire to be like everyday.

SFS Class of 2019

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 1.32.36 AM.png

“We are incredibly proud of our 8th grade graduating class of 2019! Graduation Mass & Diplomas were offered on June 1, 2019 in the Church at 10:00 am. The dedication of these families to an education in faith and of academic excellence shows in this graduating class. This group of graduates exemplifies our school norms of service and community. As alumni, we are confident they will have, create, and take advantage of wonderful opportunities to learn, grow, and serve building on the excellent foundation of faith and academics they have received at our parish school. We count them among our blessings!” a note from Principal Kyle Schmidt

Francisca Alivia

Tyler Armstrong

Will Bartels

Duncan Billings

Abby Blanchette

Shaylea Bodo

Erica Brenner

Lainey Cordova

Alex Del Bosque

Nathan Di Legge

James Di Tommaso

Natasha Fernandez

Dylan Franada

Adam Galdoni

Mia Gillis

Matthew Gonzalez

Dante Goranson

Olivia Harold

Lance Heine

Mary Huels

Beth Kamman

Spencer Kinsey

Stephan Kruglov

Andrew Lawitz

Madison Machala

Katie McCormick

Matthew Mosquera

William Niese

Kate Pieters

Georgia Pissios

Brad Schaefer

Dillon Schmidt

Grace Staehle

Ben Swiat

Malec Tarabein

Olivia Thomas

Mary Titterton

Colin Ulbrich

Olivia Virgilio

Colin Whelan

Sarah Whelan

Mary Huels, daughter to Terry & Judy, is a Class of 2019 Graduate and was President of the Student Council

Hello and good morning! I’m Mary Huels, this year’s Student Council President, and I would like to acknowledge all the achievements we have made this year.

At our first meeting in the beginning of the school year, we assigned each Student Council member a classroom that they would be recycling twice a week all throughout the year. A prayer schedule was also put into place to pray each afternoon during announcements.

On Spirit Day, Student Council members volunteered to face paint kids’ faces from PreSchool to 4th grade. The kids, as well as the volunteers, had so much fun showing off the designs to their friends.

In October, we promoted Red Ribbon Week. We handed out pledge cards to all the teachers to give to their students which they signed, promising to be drug free. We also tied red ribbons around the school is a reminder of the week’s purpose.

In November we made posters to put up around the school to collect gifts for the Gift of Love. Students from all grades brought in gifts, all of which were donated. Every student that donated a new gift received and out of uniform pass. To go along with the Gift of Love, we hosted a Toy Dance and open gym for the 5th through 8th graders. 146 gifts were donated from the entire school.

Before Christmas, we held a Candy Cane Message fundraiser. We sold candy cane messages for a $1 each. The students could then write a friendly note to their friend or teacher wishing them a Merry Christmas. The messages were paired with a candy cane to give to the friend. We raised a total of $564.75. All the money went to charity voted on by Student Council, Feed My Starving Children.

In March, Student Council put on a Movie Afternoon for the 4th and 5th graders. After school on a Friday afternoon, the students put on their pajamas and watched the movie. There were concessions, and the student with the best pajamas won free concessions.

In April the Student Council helped out the teachers. They cleaned and organized the rooms as a way to give back and thank them for all that they have done for us.

This year’s Student Council is proud of its accomplishments I want to give a BIG thank you to Mrs. Chappell and Mrs. Salit on behalf of the Student Council, for guiding us throughout the year. I will miss being part of this club, and I’m excited to see the amazing accomplishments of future student councils at Saint Francis. Thank you!

Thank you so much for your support this year of the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry!


Dear St. Francis de Sales Parishioners/K of C Fish Fry Guests,

Thank you so much for your support this year of the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry! Because of you, the Knights of Columbus, Local Council 3954, is able to contribute more money directly to charity. And what a year we had!

2019 was the single largest, most successful year ever for the K of C Fish Fry in profit and attendance. Over the course of the 6 Fridays in Lent (save Good Friday), K of C served 2,199  guests (1,755 served in 2018), served over 1,150lbs. of fish, and brought in a total profit of $14,085.71 ($10,967.00 in 2018)! We also had over 75 volunteers across the 6 nights putting in at least 3 hours per shift. The response is always amazing. 

Now, as I always point out, 100% of K of C profit goes directly to charity. But which charities and how much? This year, we have selected 3 charities to receive donations. 60% of the profit, or $8,451.43, will be donated to Mt. St. Joseph’s, an intermediate care facility for handicapped women, right here in Lake Zurich. Mt. St. Joseph’s, being so local, is always near to our hearts. 30%, or $4,225.71, will be donated to Special Religious Development, or SPRED, a charitable facility which assists persons with developmental disabilities to become integrated into parish assemblies of Catholic worship through religious education. The remaining 10%, or $1,408.57, will be donated to The Center for Independence Through Conductive Education, a charitable facility helping those children and adults with physical disabilities gain independence.

Thank you for your continuing support of the K of C mission to assist those with intellectual disabilities. You have made my 2 year term as Grand Knight very memorable and successful in giving back to our community, and we hope to see you all next year! God Bless.

Thomas C. Wolter, Grand Knight, Knights of Columbus, Local Council #3954

A Note from the PTO

We have had another amazing year and none of it could have been possible without our students, parents and volunteers. THANK YOU to all of you for making this year one of the best!

Our two largest fundraisers, Spirit Day and Bingo Night, have proven to become bigger and better with each  passing year. They did not disappoint once again.

Box Tops, Lux Wearhouse, Used Uniform, Dining for Dollars, Barnes & Noble Book Fair and Amazon Smile continue to be just as impactful in helping our school achieve our goals.

From our proceeds this year, the PTO has provided our school with new Science Lab chairs and Technology updates. We will continue to raise money for the STEM Lab Development and Extra-Curricular Program Expansion. We have also funded Teacher Driven Innovations for the classrooms. To name a few of these requests, teachers have been provided with the following for the classrooms: Computer apps for presentations, STEM materials for various grade levels, chess sets, a chick incubator, hands on manipulatives for math and reading, dash robots for coding, neuroscience units and computer science simulation programs

With our funds we are also able to host FREE events and offer in school/ classroom experiences such as the Cultural Arts Program, Roller Skating Party, Career Day in the Back to School Splash Bash.

We have welcomed to new faces to our PTO meetings and have increased our volunteer participation. As we look to the new school year we are welcoming new PTO Board members and more volunteers. Please consider volunteering your time and talent to our group by submitting year 2-Hour pledge. We have openings that will fit all schedules. Join us at one of our PTO meetings to learn more about the school and what we do.

With the school year coming to an end, the PTO continues to plan through the summer. When we head back to school, please join us at the Back to School Splash Bash on August 4th. This is a FREE event for all SFS families.

On August 13th we will be hosting Back to School Night. We will have various local vendor tables and visiting high schools. Girl and Boy Scouts, Spirit Wear, Used Uniforms, School Supply Packets, Dining for Dollar partners and much more!

“Faith opens the door and helps our Eagles soar”

We wish you and your family a happy and safe summer

The PTO - By the parents, with the teachers, for the students

Emmaus House of Hospitality in its 19th Year of Ministry

Speech given by Brian Pozzi at Masses last weekend

For the past few years, we at Emmaus House had the privilege of providing a mass announcement about our ministry.  We are blessed to have the opportunity to do so again.

If you are new to the parish, or simply need a refresher, allow me to provide a brief description of what we do for the least of our brothers and sisters.

Each Sunday night, with a few exceptions, right below us in Father Valker Hall we provide a community dinner and perishable food pantry for those who face difficulties with feeding themselves and their families. The dinners themselves are generously provided by various groups looking for outreach opportunities such as: St Francis ministries, parish groups, civic groups, businesses, area churches and school organizations.

We hand out dairy, meat, bread and produce to our guests in the harvest room following dinner.  This bounty is designed to help our guests make it through the week more comfortably until our dinner the following week.  The food is donated by our generous retail partners in the area, such as Costco, Jewel,  Mariano’s, Trader Joe’s just to name a few.  Our volunteers go out to each of these establishments each week to rescue this food that we provide in the harvest room.

 In addition to Sunday dinner and food pantry Emmaus House also sponsors other important programs for our guests including: Jeepers Sneakers, which provides back to school shoes for children, Undie Sunday which distributes new underwear and socks for school age children.

Emmaus does other important work in our community. For example, in the past year, we have provided funding to pay rents, mortgages and utilities for people in danger of losing their homes or apartments. This critical funding provides people with much needed time to get back on their feet financially and to stay in their residencies.  These are just a few of the examples of the great things that the Emmaus House does each week.

As always, thank you to all who have volunteered or supported Emmaus House in any way by giving of your time, talents, resources and prayers. We could not do this without everyone’s help and we should be proud of this as parishioners in the Lord’s work.

Each year, we asked for additional support for our mission and the Lord answered our prayers. It is important to note that we are an entirely volunteer-led ministry. We have no employees of any kind. All of our Board Members and volunteers carve out time from their other family and professional responsibilities to contribute to this ministry.  Each year following mass announcements we are invigorated by new members of Emmaus House who work at our dinners, or rescue food, or serve on our Board or in some amazing cases, do all of the above. We are so grateful for the extra sets of hands, hearts and minds. It is truly a blessing. 

We pray that this year will be no different as we are still in need of new volunteers.  The good news is we have a great program set up by our founders. It’s our job to continue what they have put in place. You can help as little as you want or as much as you want. A much needed opportunity is to be Emmaus representative/coordinator for Rock the Block – for a third year Emmaus House will be the recipient of raffle proceeds that we will use to help us fund our important community projects. There are many more short or long term projects. The message is simply this. If you feel that you want to lend a hand, we will find a way for you to help as little or as much as you would like and fits your desires.

If you would like to learn more about Emmaus House and how you could help, I invite you to go to our website through the parish website, or give us a call. We are listed in the bulletin each week and the parish e-newsletter.

Finally, we cannot say it enough, on behalf of the entire Emmaus House, “Thank you Father Ryan for your support of our ministry”. We could not continue to function without your blessing. For the past several years Emmaus House has been the recipient of the raffle proceeds for Rock the Block. We would not be fortunate enough to have that benefit without the partnership and support of Father Ryan.  This is just one example, among countless other times, that Father Ryan looks out for opportunities to further the Emmaus House ministry.

Thank you again Father Ryan and thank you all for your support and for listening to our request for further help.

In memory of Cecilia Solecki, longtime tireless volunteer for Emmaus House and other parish ministries.

Save-A-Pet Collection

This is Amelia Borst, a parishioner, me and some of my troop members (Troop 1409-Spencer Loomis) are working on our Bronze Award Project for Girl Scouts. Our project is to help Save-A-Pet. To help Save-A-Pet we asked what we could do to help, a volunteer at Save-A-Pet told us we could make kitten blankets as a welcome to your new home gift. We made around 70 hand sewn blankets which we have already donated to them. Now that we have finished our project we wanted to take it a step further and ask for donations to give to them. 

There are boxes in the gathering space to collect the needed goods listed to the right. 


SAVE THE DATE | Golf Outing!




MATT BAINES 847 833 8000    PETE GALDONI 847 732 1790    JOHN SFIRE 847 878 8812


Congrats on your First Holy Communion!

Congratulations to the 137 children who received their First Holy Communion throughout the
month of May! God Bless!

Katherine Aldrich, Leonardo Alivia, Ryan Becker, Kailyn Beierwaltes, Jace Benedetti, Isobel Bettasso, Tyler Bish, Derek Boehm, Elijah Borst, Julianna Burgess, Gino Calabrese, Daniella Chiovari, Andrew Constantino, Ian Conway, Charles Cox, Benjamin Creasy, Addison Damptz, Edea De Cristofaro, Addison DiCicco, Jacob Dizon, Luke Dodds, Elise Edgcomb, Ellery Eklund, Cecelia Elliott, Jake Ericson, Benjamin Ferguson, Celia Foreman, Isabella Garry, Posey Geiger, Maya Gieblewicz, Joey Gillespie, Jonah Goldsmith, Jasmine Gorecki, Lily Gorecki, Liam Gorham, Tiernan Gorham, Alex Grala, Max Grund, Adrian Grzyb, Hailey Hamel, Kyle Haronik, Aidan Hasemeyer, Lily Herdus, Gabrielle Herdus, Evan Hope, Nora Hoxmeier, Devin Hull, Amelia Ignaciuk, Andrew Ippolito, Dean Jacobs, Ryan Jenkins, Finnegan Johnson, Sabastian Kaczmarski, Julia Kapinos, Lauren Kasprzak, Damian Kepka, Natalie Killen, Eric Knaga, Parker Koenigsknecht, Grace Kopilash, Henry Koppa, Corey Kruss, Kaleb Krysciak, Michael Kusmierz, Samuel Larocca, Jack Larson, Holly Lawson, Anthony Lesniewicz, Emma Lindberg, Julianne Lindsay, Sophia Linanne, Ellie Livesay, Amelie Maliszewski, Max Marbella, Beckett McGovern, Caileigh McGuiness, Jaycob Melin, Isa Mendes, Reagan Miller, Grace Monasteri, Alexander Morton, Vanessa Mosquera, Mikey Muir, Mira Nardiello, Lillian Ness, Reese O’Niell, Kasey Papa, Irene Park, Alexander Peterson, Julianna Pipala, Anabella Piper, Eli Piper, Luke Pitchford, Kimberly Radtke, Andrea Riascos, Francesca Roman, Caitlin Roscoe, Ania Rouse, Luca Salerno, Allison Santner, Sofia Santoro, Nicholas Saviano, Holly Schmitt, Eve Marie Schmitt, Evelyn Schweiger, Emily Scott, Benjamin Short, William Sikorski, Ethan Smith, Alyssa Smith, Gabriel Solbut, Anthony Sosa, Dayanara Sosa, Emma Stafford, Kloe Storzbach, Melissa Suarez, Lann Tarrant, Julianna Tito, Luca Tomaino, Eleanora Tonzi, Alexander Toth, Kaeden Valancius, Aiden Versino, Emma Watts, Lyla Wheeler, Kelly White, Tate Williams, Grace Witte, Cole Wojtalewicz, Jacob Wojtalewicz, Nicholas Wojtalewicz, Nicholas Wolter, Isaac Wood, Bella Wytrzymalski, Emilio Zepeda, Matthew Ziomek, Audrey Zych