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"The Wild Goose" Project

Wednesday, May 30
7 to 8:30 p.m.
Ministry Center
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St. Francis de Sales Parish invites women (only) of all ages to attend our summer series for the first six weeks when we present "The Wild Goose" with Father Dave Pivonka. After that, the remaining 8 sessions will be open to the parish as a whole.

The summer series will be based on the aesthetically beautiful video series by Father Dave Pivonka - "The Wild Goose" - that helps everyday Christians live a more profound life in relationship to the Holy Spirit. We will have prayer, sharing, hospitality (food, of course!), and fellowship. The video (20-25 min.) will serve as a talking point from which we can share in our small groups, answer 2-3 questions, pray together, and stay connected by socializing and testimonials. 

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After the first six weeks, the series will be opened to the parish at large for the summer. At this point, you may invite friends, spouses, family, etc. to continue this series with you! The remaining Wednesday nights will continue with the same concepts of questions, sharing, and fellowship. The videos will not repeat, but be a new one each week. If you need to miss one week, it is not a continuation, so that is not an issue.