Life Nights

Life Nights are teen events that happen almost every Sunday throughout the year. Life Nights take place immediately after the 5 p.m. Sunday Teen Mass at St. Francis de Sales, from 6 - 8 p.m. and food is served. These nights take on a variety of themes from learning about the faith to social nights and special events. Life Nights almost always occur in the teen area on the second floor of the Ministry Center (located behind the church). All high school teens are invited to these events. Teens do not need to be parishioners or practicing Catholics to attend Life Night. Bring a friend! See Upcoming Life Nights below or click here to view a flyer.

And please remember to join us for ADORE! every Wednesday in the Church from 7 to 8 p.m.

Life Night Lineup...

10.08.17 || Topic Life Night || NEW & IMPROVED!
Join us for the second night in our fall topic series “THE COMPLETE & TOTAL GUIDE TO HUMAN HAPPINESS.” This night titled, New and Improved!, invites teens into deeper understanding of the importance of God’s law and the role that it plays in their lives, as well as the grace that they are given to help them follow it. As always, food will be served!

10.15.17 || Issue Life Night || A FRIEND INDEED

10.22.17 || Topic Life Night || EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! 
Join us for the third night in our fall topic series “THE COMPLETE & TOTAL GUIDE TO HUMAN HAPPINESS.” This night titled, Eat Your Vegetables!, invites teens to recognize that the Catholic Church speaks with the authority of Jesus Christ and, therefore, has the authority to instruct us in matters of faith and morals. As always, food will be served! 

10.29.17 || Topic Life Night || THE DRIVE OF YOUR LIFE!
Join us for the fourth and final night in our fall topic series “THE COMPLETE & TOTAL GUIDE TO HUMAN HAPPINESS.” This night titled, The Drive of Your Life!, invites teens to understand that forming our conscience is an integral part of the Christian life and to challenge them to form their consciences in an intentional manner, rather than allowing the prevailing culture to form it for them.

11.05.17 || Life Night || PUZZLED [Holy Trinity]
Join us for the night titled, Puzzled, where we will explain the Church’s understanding of the Trinity that has been given to us through Divine Revelation. Finally, it will also provide an opportunity to pray and meditate on who God is and what He does in our personal lives as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

11.12.17 || Social Life Night || CHILI BINGO NIGHT
B - Lucky Seven!  I - Sweet Sixteen! N29 - Rise & Shine! Join us for a good old fashioned BINGO & Chili NIGHT! Prizes will be awarded to Bingo Winners!!

11.19.17 || Issue Life Night || HOPEFUL ANTICIPATION
Join us as we examine how the hopeful anticipation of the season of Advent compares to our own feelings regarding our hopes and dreams for the future.  We will be encouraged not to wish to speed time up or “fast-forward” into the future, but to enjoy the time of anticipation as a gift from God that helps prepare us for the future and reminds us to prepare for the coming of Christ.  

11.26.17 || NO LIFE NIGHT|| Happy Thanksgiving

12.03.17 || Life Night || ADVENT CALENDARS
Join us as we create our annual advent calendars to help us on our journeys to prepare for Christmas.

12.10.17 || Life Night || MYSTERY Life Night

12.17.17 || Social Life Night || LIFE TEEN ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY
Join us for our annual Youth Ministry Christmas Party! Make sure to dress in your Cheesiest Holiday Sweater for a prize and bring a $5 White Elephant Gift to exchange! Feel free to bring an appetizer or dessert to share!

12.24.17 || NO LIFE NIGHT || Merry Christmas

12.31.17 || NO LIFE NIGHT || Happy New Year